Friday, April 20, 2007

The Great Ultraculture Swindle.

Hi there. If you've come here from the Ultraculture site, this message is for you.

I wish to publicly disassociate myself from the Ultraculture project and all those still involved. This is due to certain odious and defamatory comments made by one of the other contributors in this thread on the UC Google group.

I quote:

"The basic mechanism: displacement of an individual human consciousness from their body and temporary replacement with a parasitic life-force-harvesting energy - this kind of psychic body prostitution in payment for magical favors - is inherently problematic."

"*At best* Voodoo is a hell-realm religion - created in the hells of slavery - and it's gods are demon-gods as should be pretty apparent at even a cursory inspection."

"Voodoo is horrifically bad shit, unclean in every axis and dimension, has no redeeming features, and should have died out when slavery ended. It is, in fact, in my considered opinion, the last manacle of those times locked around the spirits of people who practice it, black and white and other alike."

I was repulsed by this unfounded, bigoted and racist attack on the religion of Vodoun. I hoped that the editor would be as shocked and disgusted as I was. Instead, he chose to affirm and support those comments, and has even reiterated and expanded upon the original defamation in this thread.

I cannot in good conscience be associated with this project anymore or with the people involved. I'm sickened and appalled. I have asked the editor to remove my piece from the journal. He has not done this.

Further, I'm very disappointed that some people have continued to involve themselves with the Ultraculture group in spite of the deeply bigoted and also completely irrational nature of these comments. I can only assume that these individuals are profoundly ignorant and happy to remain that way, being so addicted to conflict they no longer care who or what they're supporting.

This is a sad and ugly business.

PS: If you've come here looking for me, you'll find me over here.