Sunday, December 26, 2004

Happy (belated) hijacked pagan shindig, y'all!

Hope you guys had fun doing whatever it is you do. I had a pretty nice Crimbo: I opened prezzies from home (higlights included a Lovecraft plushy and a box of acrylic paints, which I can't seem to get here--not good ones anyway), and then munched Panettone* and polverone** and watched Buffy Season 4 DVDs with Lurid. Chrismas dinner was salmon*** which I poached in white wine with onion and mushrooms, along with roasties, sprouts ect. Yum.

And Cava. Lots and lots of Cava.

*Panettone: Italian spongy fruitcake made with yeast.
**Polveron: Little powdery biscuits.
***I'm a grownup. I can have fish on Chrismas if I want. Nyahhh.

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