Friday, January 14, 2005

Dominance and submission

Having been vaugely assuring myself that I'm going to start submitting things again anytime now for the last three months, I've finally realised the importance in this sort of enterprise of setting some form of cap on "anytime now." Hencly and theretoforewards, I shall be submitting not less than one (1) piece of written work to some paying market or another in a time period of not more than one (1) week.

I'd prefer to send off more than one bit, of course, but one bit's a start. Hopefully this will kick my little metal hoop a-rolling. What I really need is a morsel of acceptance, a smidgin of success to oil the pan of my literary frittata.

I'm just so unappreciated. Can't think what I'm doing wrong; I mean, everyone loves Comic Sans, don't they? And eight-point fonts are so stylish, whilst yellow text on a magenta background would brighten up an editor's day far more than that boring old black-and-white stuff they normally get...what? What?

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