Wednesday, December 10, 2003

No big news, just checking in.

Apart from the escalating quantities of snot pouring from every orifice as my recently-upgraded body attempts to throw off a nasty cold via my mucus membranes and completely overdoes it, I'm doing okay. Been feeling energized since my 30th. Not a very interesting number; too divisable, man. 31st is a prime, which'll be cool. Made some more T-shirt designs over on you can see them here. They are all peppers, though, so don't bother checking if you don't like peppers. So far exactly zero people have bought this stuff but what the hell--i'm extending my creative/magickal datashadow, and that's the important thing. Said shadow is still pretty short, but fortunately the lumpyness of cyberspace means I claim more unreal estate than a cursory glance might suggest.

I will commence putting sigils on tees soon. Then you will alllll be mine.

I've been writing some more: bits and pieces for the entities, and some amputee sex robot stuff which riffs off the Kitchen Lover idea. That's for pimping though so you can't have a read of it until someone buys it. You can, however, have a read of Punching your girlfriend in the tits is a revolutionary act, my newest free fic. Enjoy.

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