Monday, December 15, 2003

A small sample of the kind of random crap that sleets through my brain all the goddamn time, which, whilst not terribly edifying in and of itself, may go some way to explain why I must write or EXPLODE (boom).

Patronising Nelson (Nelson="differently abled"). Evil vampire alien nanobot cosmetics that make you lose weight by devouring your life force. An online pro-Domme who uses magick to control her subs, which practice they are not only aware of but get off on*. Everything that begins with an X. A man falls in love with his sex doll and the gods take pity on him and make her live, even tho' she doesn't have a head or any limbs. Your goldfish is God. Your little finger houses the soul of Genghis Kahn. Your tribe hunts mermaids and butchers them for food. The Truth hurts; she's go a recurrent urinary tract infection that's gone to her kidneys. A postmodernist brothel: "LIVE" "GIRLS". There's a clock in my soup. The woman who stole the colour of your hair. Children blossom like mushrooms from the flesh of your forearms.

Borrowing this stuff without asking allows me to sluck out your prana like spaghetti. Really.

*This am my worst idea ever. It must never be done!

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