Friday, April 18, 2003

Good Friday.

Well, this is nice, isn´t it? Just the two of us. Nothing like losing your internet connection to get rid of those pesky blog-readers. Bunch of bloody weirdos-- wouldn´t give you tuppence for the lot of 'em.

Been busy. Think I've got the last of the paperwork sorted out. Got my NIE number sorted out on Tues. Thank gawwwd our Spanish is coming on a bit now, otherwise we'd've been standing in the police station doing bad Python impressions all day ("We are the expats who say NIE!").

It´s Easter week here, which is a huuuge deal. Everything´s closed except the bars and the caffs. I´m torn between thinking: "Rah! A country that respects the individual´s need for free time! None of this making you work 61 hr week nonsense here!" and thinking: "But I´ve run out of milk..."

Less of the sightseeing this week. Been busy snooping around town and caning the Castillian Spanish. We got a telly the other day, which should help a bit. I was hoping the´'d have some educational programmes for children, or at least the Spanish equivalent of Sesame street, but Spanish kid's telly seems to be all badly-dubbed Japanese cartoons. Mind you, it´s all grist to the mill, the more Spanish I hear the more I'll understand. Which means that badly-dubbed Japanese cartoons are educational! ROCK!

Bought a ton of books the other day. I'd already got a small Spanish/English dictionary, but I needed something a bit more meaty so I got this breeezeblock sized thing. I found an English-Castillian-Catalan phrasebook which I snapped up, along with a little English-Catalan dictionary. I´m going to get my Castillian down a bit more before I start on the Catalan, but in a couple of months I'm going to start learning that as well. I also bought the first H***y P*tt*r book in Spanish, and I'm ploughing through it with the help of my anglocastillian dictionary. It's slow going, belive me. I'm starting to wish I'd got something a bit less advanced than HP and oh my God, I really just wrote that, didn't I?

I miss London. Not as much as I thought I might, but I miss it. This is a truly awesome place and I´m digging it in all manner of ways, but the language barrier is starting to bite down hard. I need a bloody social life. I´m all bored and things. My phrasebook´s no help at all, it´s all going to restauraunts and exchanging money. They should make a phrasebook for people like me. "¿Tiene el snakebite y los amphetaminas de baño ? ¿Gustas La Hermanas de Mercy?"

This whole cutting a swath across Europe isn't as easy as it looks.

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