Saturday, April 12, 2003

If Man is Five...

Oh booooy, I´m shagged out. Wotta day. Went to La Sagrada Familia earlier that afternoon, and I´m still blown away. Might write up the experience more fully at a later date, but my feelings can be briefly summed up as a kind of religious awe. It was really moving-- stunningly lovely, awe-inspiring, heart-wrenching and joyous by turns. Gaudi, of course, presses all my buttons. It´s as if he´s somehow found a way of using those organic forms to drive a highway from the visual cortex to the God Spot. Must think more about this. Maybe later in the year when I´ve seen more of his work in the flesh I can work out a more coherent piece of writing.

After La Sagrada Familia we (that is, me and Lurid Archive) went to the zoo. It was utterly depressing. Okay, most of the enclosures seemed alright, but some of them... ugh. You should have seen the way they were keeping some of the monkeys, all cooped up in tiny little class-fronted boxes. And they were stressed, man. You could see it. A couple of them had lost half their tails, and others sported bare patches of fur. They paced back and forth obsessively, or sat with their backs to the glass and just looked disconsolate. They were being presented as exhibits, funny toys to be gawked at, rather than as living creatures deserving of our respect. There was this big lowland gorilla on his own on this sort of island, and folks were crowding round to chuck food at him despite all the notices everywhere in language a fucking brick could understand telling them not to chuck food at the goddamn animals. They carried on doing this until the gorilla, predictably enough, started to puke and couldn´t stop. Then they got all fastidious and wandered off. Prats. Got all hulk-smashy and had trouble calming down. Tried to beam Reiki and Seikim energy at the most ragged of the beasties, but it was difficult to get past the anger. I hate people. Did I mention that I really, really hate people?

After the zoo, we walked along the beach. Bit disappointed with the beach. It´s almost all man-made, which is a remarkable acheivement. Only trouble is, it looks man-made too. I like my coastlines wild.

Like I say, shagged out. Will write more when I get a chance. (Looks like an internet connection might be on the cards in the next few weeks.)

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