Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Today's story ideas:

#1: A red room. Red walls, black "japanned" furniture. Who lives here? A woman lived here once. She was an actress; some called her a poseurse. Here she burned incence and wore out-of-style dresses, headbands, a long necklace made of paste diamonds. Here she smoked black cigarettes in a long holder between lips the colour of cranberries, wrinkled from smoking. The rouge bled into the wrinkles. She smelled of powder and the perfume that she kept in a Lalique glass bottle. She had a glimpse of something but she lost it. Now she's gone.

#2: A playing field. To one side is a large area of waste ground; there's an industrial estate in the distance. There's been a bonfire here, a big one, but it's burnt down now. It's a cold day, the sky hidden by low grey cloud. You've been walking a long time to get here. Why?

Today's mood:

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