Friday, March 22, 2002


Following the announcement below, my board got its first troll! I'm so chuffed. Ordinarily of course this would be cause for hot sweaty annoyance, but since I've only publicized the board in a couple of places other than here, I suspect that the angler in question is someone who's either read my blog or knows me from the Barbelith Underground. Which tends to imply that I've trip-trapped over somebody's bridge hard enough that they'd actually bother to come round and insult me publicly, rather than using my email like the rest of the world. Which, coupled with the general brainlessness of the message itself, gives me a lovely warm glow. I like pissing off morons.

Today's story idea: A horror author gets abducted by a bunch of teenage magickians, who think they can force the writer to summon a demon from one of their novels. (Yeah, it's crap. Maybe I could work on it...)

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