Tuesday, March 05, 2002

"You're my only hope..."

I used to have this total obsession when I was younger with finding my wise old man/woman, my Gandalf or whatever. People seemed to latch onto it, use it as a way into my life where they'd (inevitably) wreak all manner of havoc before I'd (inevitably) rip off the pointy hat and false beard and reveal... well, some callow dipstick with a need to be needed, usually. Eventually I got wise to this and spent a lot of time jumping up and down on my Obi-Wan cravings with big boots on. Which seemed to work.

But I was thinking recently that I've become a kind of Obi-Wan figure for a few people in the last few years (yes, yes, I know, lucky them, ha bloody ha). Wise old dude, sort of thing. Not sure how that happened- some of them have even been older than me. I try not to let them invest too much in me, since I know damn well that I'm as big a moron as they are, I just have a different angle on things. Sometimes I'm able to help. Which is cool. I'm not saying it isn't cool.

But I don't want to be the wise old git without having had my wise old git. Where's my wise old git? I want my Obi-Wan Kenobi! Even the crappy Ewan McGregor one with the comedy accent.

I want a Wise Old Git!

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