Sunday, February 15, 2004


So I've finally finished that stupid story I was stupidly hoping to send to stupid TSR, and it sucks, and I'm going to have to do half a ton of stupid re-writing before I can send it anywhere, and I hate it, and I hate you.

I'm just going to leave it alone for a few days. Maybe if I come back to it with fresh eyes... something.

Had an idea for a vampire thing which I might be able to sell to one of my fave fanzines. I'm getting pretty fed up of the way that the only goddamn things I can sell are vamipre stories. I don't even like vampire stories that much. They're really, really boring. Got an idea for a vampire story? It's been done, pal. Vampirism is a disease? Been done. Vampirism as an addiction? been done. Priest vampires, detective vampires, mafia vampires... mafia priest detective vampires... been done. Everything has been done to death. It's boring. Boooorrrrring! And it's the only freaking thing that anyone will buy off of me! Even Anne bloody RICE has quit writing vampire stories! It's not fair!

What about my amputee sex robot stories, huh? What's wrong with amputee sex robots? Who will buy my amputee sex ro-o-bots? Nice ripe amputee sex robots!

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