Thursday, February 12, 2004

Stuff that gets me irrationally pissed off and which I should learn to chill out about yet somehow can't.

#342: Really stupid 'ghost' photographs. No, I don't see a face. No, I don't see the hooded figure. No, I don't see a damn thing. Why? Because there is nothing to see! That's a gatepost, you muppet! That's a reflection, puddingbrain! That's dust! That's cigarette smoke! That's your own thumb, you UNBELIVABLY CREDULOUS FOOL!

I was looking for info on channeling last night, and I came across a whole bloody page of pictures taken by some woman. They all had this white fuzzy stripe across them. According to the person taking the pictures, this was the image of her spirit guide.

Yuh, huh. Just out of curiosity, dear--your camera wouldn't happen to have a white strap, would it? BECAUSE I CAN SEE THE GODDAMN WEAVE in the FABRIC! There were like twenty or so pictures, all with this really obvious camera strap across them, all solemnly labled as images of this strangecase's 'spirit guide'. I mean, I've heard of people's guides taking odd forms before now, but not A PIECE OF FRIKKIN' NYLON RIBBON.

If I end up like that, you guys'll slap me or something, right?

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