Thursday, March 25, 2004


Man, you people. It's just not working out, you know? As you Supreme Dark Ruler I need my acolytes to be actively involved in promoting my reign of terror, and you petty mortals just aren't pulling your weight. You aren't traking down gems of power, magicial rings, wands, or even volumes of forbidden lore for me; you aren't even making sacrifices to the Forces of Darkness for my greater power. Oh, don't try to deny it. If you were making even tiny sacrifices to the Forces of Darkness have been coughing up this yechhy stuff for the last two days.

Now shape up, or I'll feed you to the mutant cyborg piranahs.

I need to fix my coat again. It's still cool enough in the evenings that I can sweep about in a trenchie--or rather I could, were my trenchie not so fucked. The last lot of repairs caved in and have left me bereft of my big ol' PVC coat. *sob!*
I've given up trying to restore it to something like its former condition. I can't duplicate the original surface, no matter how I try, and am instead planning to settle for a more varied texture.

I was in La Bosc de Fades the other night with Lurid, and they had these wicked floor to ceiling curtains mae of--check this out--CHAIN MAIL! How cool is that? It wasn't ring-mail, then links were more like Z-shaped. It was gorgeous. I kept playing with it all the time I was sat there, and now I am consumed with an unrequietable desire to have a coat made out of the same stuff. Course, I'm never going to be able to afford something like that... but I'm wondering if I couldn't at least suggest a similar effect in places on my trenchie, for example on the front corners and places where the plastic has worn off. I'm thinking a kind of applìque, but with chains, fine ones but not too fine. Dunno where I'm going to find the right kind of chain. Will check out some hardware places later.

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