Friday, March 05, 2004


So I've done the working, with the help of the spooks, a map of Barcelona, a marker pen, and a plakky bottle of water from the fountain in town. Just going to let that stew now. I've done all I can, I think.

On to the next thing. I need more spook help for this, but it's for them as much as me.

Guys, you keep on at me to do this book of drawings and stuff. You keep dropping all these images in my head. Which is all well and good but in case you hadn't noticed, my drawing is really sucky at the moment. And being me, I get stressed out by the suckiness and that makes my drawing suck even more, which makes me more sucky, etc.

Deliver me from the Suck Loop. I'll work hard, I'll persist, I'll stick with it, but right now there is no IT to stick with. I need you guys to get me started, please. Inspire me, point me to a really good How To Draw site, or anything that'll help me address my particular set of problems.

Meanwhile, here's someone who can really create: Kurt Wenner, master street painter.

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