Tuesday, May 06, 2003


Spent most of Saturday trying to get to grips with Flash, with patchy success. I've gone through all the tutorials, but they're not that great: there's all this basic stuff that you have to do and it's just not covered properly. The books I've got are a bit too advanced, really. Also had a bash at the Heros IV campaign editor, but I can't make the quest huts work properly. Gahh.

Went out for a meal on Sunday, to this cracking little veg/vegan restaraunt/juice bar called Juicy Jones. Had a mean thali, then went off to the flicks again to see No Good Deed, which is based on Dashell Hammet's The House On Turk Street. It was okay, but... Look, it's a Hammet story, okay? And I know how things work in the Hammetverse. I realise that you have to suspend disbelief a little. But the whole premise of the film seemed to be that there's this woman whose sex appeal is so intoxicating that any guy within a five mile radius falls under her spell and will do all manner of dangerous/unpleasant/foolish things if he can only bump the lala with her. All she has to do is flash some thigh and they'll risk their lives, their fortunes, their careers to get on her good side. And this is a completely instinctive thing for her to be doing, BTW. She doesn't appear to think much about what she's doing or what the consequences of her actions might be, she just does it.

Not buying it. Sexual manipulation of men by women does happen, of course, but not in the ham-fisted way portrayed by the film. Unless you belive that all women are weak, manipulative, irrational succubi intent only on reducing the male brain to sago pudding and sucking it out along with the contents of their wallets and that men are powerless to prevent said suckage occuring, but I don't think Dave Sim reads my blog so we're probably okay on that score.

Glorious weekend, weatherwise. Gone a bit cloudy now though.

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