Monday, May 26, 2003


Results of random Googlege while I wait for my Windows updates to finish downloading...

The BBC actually went to the trouble of making a homepage for Gareth Keenan, the lanky creep from The Office. Man, I can't belive they've stopped making that show after two series. It ws so horrible and funny. Everyone recognises someone from that show; David Brent is definately the bastard son of my old job-club leader, and there's this one person I used to know online who was just uncannily like Gareth.

Typing orange monkey flower picnic into Google gets you this (aw, blessssss), whereas green panda wobble ankle noise gets you neuroscience and Digimon fanfic. Meanwhile, over at blue ox strangle television we find Dragonball Z fanfic. It's not that I've got anything against fanfic per se but... Am I the only person who actually makes up stuff anymore? I'm too frikkin' mercenary, that's my trouble. Just can't imagine putting in the effort if I don't own the copyright.

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