Saturday, May 17, 2003

Light is poison.

The rain in Spain has played a low-down, dirty trick upon yours truly. Yesterday I was in town having a brewski at Cafe Zurich, and it started to chuck down in that special vertical ocean way. So today when I woke up and it was a bit cloudy, I assumed that more rain might be on the cards. I went out sans sunblock, sans shades, sans everything but a knockoff Cure tee, jeans and army boots. Mistake. For it was all sunny by the time I got into town, and it just kept getting sunnier. Reeeeallly sunny, y'all. Yep, this is one sunny old part of the world, alright. And just because I know that many of you are reading this from London and other wet soggy places where they see the sun so rarely that its appearance can trigger mass hysteria and human sacrifices to the Fire In The Sky, I'm going to bitch about how I got wayyy too much sun today and it's made me feel a bit foggy-headed and my eyes sting.

I did mention that I'm here till August next year, right? Not just on my hols here, oh no. You can't comfort yourselves with the notion that in a few short days I'll be back and soaking in the drizzle, just like you only more miserable because one long weekend every year-and-a-half is just enough to let you see what you're missing without taking the edge off the SAD. Nuh-uh! I'm here for another 17 months, baby. Choke on it.

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