Saturday, May 24, 2003

More Oooh.

Or possibly just Hmm. We'll see.

How to Create a Language

Reasons for abandoning this whole twisted scheme before I expend any more time or energy on it:

1) It's not like I don't have other stuff to do. Including learning a real language.
2) This whole thing is, quite possibly, just an attack of toxic perfectionism. I'm probably just being anal-retentive about this whole language thing as a stalling technique; the longer I spend writing the damn thing, the longer it is before I have to show it to anyone. Fear of faliure/rejection, et hoc genus omnes.
3) Let's face it, my English grammar could do with a wash and brush-up before I go giving myself glossopoietic* airs.

Reasons for seeing twisted scheme through to the bitter, bitter end:

1) I always have other stuff to do. Big central project that I really graft away at (currently learning Spanish) plus three or four little side-projects that I ditch and come back to as and when, thus keeping BRANE from seizing up with panic if the Big Central Project stalls. That's how I work. That's how I work best. This would mean less screwing-around time, but there you go.
2) I really and truly belive this is a necessary part of the novel. The more I flesh out my imaginary culture, the more detail I put into my backstory, the richer and more beliveable the finished article will be. And I've been doing much better with the avoidy/not-finishy/got-to-be-perfect thing. That last article I punted out? Chock full o'typos.
3) This will probably help with my English grammar rather than hindering it, since checking out grammar and language resources is an intrinsic part of said plan. In fact, it'll probably do my language studies in general a bit of good.
4) Language is very important to me, and the thought of creating a new one makes me all tingly with Nerd Joy.
5) There are already half-baked, bitty, dashed-off-on-the-back-of-an-envelopey, weak, derivative, and downright shoddy fantasy books enough and to spare in the world. Why the hell would I want to add to the heap?

Okay. Glossopoiesis wins. At my current rate of progress I can expect to finish my novel in, ooh, a little under 40 years.

It really had better not suck.

*Yes, I know that's probably not a real word.

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