Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Oh, no.

Oh, no no no. After everything I've said, everything I've done-- you're back. Why? I thought I'd finally weened you off reading this thing. What's it going to take to make you get over this FREAKISH OBSESSION? You are a sad, sad person who repeatedly comes back to read the online diary of an unemployed failed electronics engineer whose last job but one was cleaning toilets.

Look out of the window. Do you see all those people walking by, those teeming multitudes? Don't you ever get the urge to go and join them, instead of frittering away your precious life like this? Think of the time and resources you've expended to get where you are today. Think of the new and wonderful experiences-- eye-opening, mind-expanding, life-changing experiences that await you if you'd only STOP READING THE UNEMPLOYED CLEANING LADY'S DIARY AND GET A LIFE! Museums, parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty, sights you may never have the opportunity to see again. Look, there's a guy over the road selling banana pancakes! Wouldn't you just love a banana pancake?



Anyway, job-hunting. On Wednesday I managed to meet up with the friend of a friend of a friend who might possibly know something about getting an English teahing job. On the down-side, she told me that as it's summer I probably won't be able to get anything like that for a few months. On the upside, she was really cool and very keen to socialize, which I could do with right now. Going stir-crazy. On Friday I went and tried my luck at a temp agency, with predictable results. Didn't quite get everything that the pink fluffy creature behind the desk said, but the basic thrust was that they couldn't take me on because I don't have a work permit. I pointed out to her that I didn't need a work permit as I'm an EU citizen. All I need is my NIE. But she wasn't having any of it. Not sure if this was one of those "make something up to get rid of the no-hoper" situations, or if she genuinely didn't know the employment legislation. No reason she should, of course, except that IT'S HER GODDAMN JOB. Left feeling deeply discouraged and fed up with things, especially little blonde people who wear fluffy pink cardies and pearly-pink nail varnish and pearly-pink lippy without any shred of irony. (I'm sorry, and I know that as a pointy pointy goth I'm in a sartorial glass house here, but if you're going to wear that kind of ensemble in public you'd better be RuPaul.)

Weekend rocked, though. Had dozing panther over for a few days, which was great. Went out for a picnic, went to the beach, saw X-Men 2 again, went to the Parc de la Ciutadella , went up in the cable-car, ate out, did loadsa fun stuff.

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