Monday, October 18, 2004


So I wake up this morning and discover that there is no running water in my fucking flat. No. Running. Water.

Panic panic, zoom around trying to work out what the matter is, phone water company. Am informed that I haven't paid my last two water bills. Explain that I've only been there for three weeks. Attempt to convince woman on phone that I am not responsible for bills. Woman on phone is unconvinced.

Trudge into town with rent contract, find water company's office, show rent contract to woman at desk, explain sitch. Explain that as I have only been living in the flat for three weeks I am not responsible for ect ect.

Woman at desk a picture of distain. I live at the address on the bills, ergo I am responsible for paying them and it matters not a whit that I am not the person whose name appears on the bills. After much back and forth I am forced to accept that the only way to get the water turned back on is to cough up for two quarters' water, for a flat where I've been resident since the end of September. Fifty fucking euros just because the wankstack before me was too tight to pay her bills before she moved out.

I am unimpressed.

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