Saturday, October 30, 2004

I should probably just chill out and try to have some fun with this no job thing.

Weeeeeeee! I am adrift on the shining currents of the ChaoFlux! WooooOOOoooOOOoo! Look at me everyone, I'm freeeeee! I'm flyyyyyiiingggggg! WahaYYYY! Hail Eris, I'm Outside Your Systemmmmm!!!!

Mmm. Not getting my yayas. Maybe this is more fun if you're fourteen and with rich parents?

However... I really must yank my head out of this obsession. Fear is interfering with my ability to attack the situation creatively. I need to step back the ways and get some perspective.

I'm planning some ancestor-related hocus pocus over the next few days. Tomorrow, obviously, is Halloween/Samhain; I shan't be partying as such, so I will be able to focus on the ol' mumbo jumbo. Also, I'm having my healer's meet. I might be able to get some leads from them (if not paid work then at least some voluntary). Then on Monday it's Tot Sants, which is a big holiday here. All job-hunting activities will have to be curtailed in veiw of this so I can use the time for quiet reflection and Sim City 4.

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