Saturday, October 02, 2004

Busy busy busy.

Been a pretty active time, what with one thing and another. Went back to the old flat to pick up a few things and do a spot of cleaning on Thursday. This, of course, rapidly mutated into a full day's cleaning and three bags of stuff which had to be lugged back over packed public transport. Still, it's all over now and I can focus on the really fun stuff, like finding room for all our crap in this itty little flat and trying to persuade someone to give me a job. I'm already signed up with 3 agencies in the area and they're making fairly positive noises.

Artistically: I haven't been up to much, due to extreme and protracted moving related interference. I've managed to work on my puppet heads and this felt doll thing, which I hope to make a few of to sell in the park.

On the mumbo-jumbo side: I have been feeling my oats lately. Been doing a lot of the usual healing stuff, with some okay results. Other than that I've been doing money drawing and work related bits and pieces using hoodoo equipment and techniques. (One of the great things about my new gaff is its proximity to several handy magick shops.) Mostly I've been focusing on the training and strategic spending of hunting money, with some hopeful results, but now that things are a bit more settled I'll be doing something a bit more substantial--reforging my hematite bracelet, putting together a spell-in-a-bag to take out when I go job-hunting, stuff like that.

Over and out.

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