Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Hellboy is finally coming out in Spain! I loved those comics (back when I lived in London the local library had a "Graphic novels" section so I read all of them. I can't afford comics now. I really miss that library). So when I heard about the film I was thrilled, and then the film people spoke unto me from a magazine and they went "Yeah, well we're putting Ron Perlman in it and he's Hellboy" and I went "YAYY!" and they went "And it all looks really cool, look, here's a couple of stills" and I went "YERRRRSS!" and then they went "Hey, watch this trailer, pretty nifty eh?" and I went "H'RAAAAAAAYYYY!"

And then they went all quiet.

The Americans got to watch Hellboy. I didn't. Then the British got to watch Hellboy and I didn't which I resented bitterly. So what I did was, I put on my coolest clothes, like my trenchcoat and everything, and I found the guy in charge of which films go in Spain, and I broke into his office and got on his desk and I had a huge SWORD and I said: "Deme Hellboy! Deme Hellboy AHORA MISMO!" and now it's coming out here on October the First and I am just so happy.

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