Sunday, September 26, 2004

Life with a tragically obsessive Star Wars geek, Part 3105.

Was in conversation yesterday (one of my mates was staying over. I love it when mates stay over.) and the whole Reiki thing came up.

"Yeah, don't mess with Mordant," Lurid cuts in. "She can zap you."
"I can't zap people. It's a healy thing."
"You could zap people."
"No, I couldn't.*"
"Yeah, you could go--"
"Dude, there is no such thing as Dark Reiki."
"That's just what those simpering fools at the Reiki Council want you to think!"
"There is no 'Reiki Council,' okay? No Dark Side of the Reiki, no Reiki Council--"
"They're holding you back. They just don't want you to know the truth!"

I am never letting him play KotOR ever again.

*Of course, I had to tell them that I can't zap people. But I might be able to zap people. You don't know. You just don't know.

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