Saturday, September 18, 2004

Things are looking up...

Slightly, anyway. Had some very bad news from the UK which I won't go into, as it concerns people who are not connected with this blog. I will say that it does not affect me directly, although it saddens me very much.

On the positive side, where I'm told I should be looking: We have a flat. It's not huge and it's not terribly cheap, but it's about as good as we're going to get. It's quite a cute little place, though unfurnished and rather a fixer-upper, and the location is pretty central.

Next step: I need a jooooob! Haven't really been able to look for anything in the last couple of months what with that course and the intensive flat-hunting. I'm going to transfer myself from the temp agencies here to the ones in town, and also explore a couple of other avenues.

Trained up some hunting money the other day, just a couple of small bills which I broke buying a few cheap writing, craft and job-hunting supplies. I reckon it must have gone a bit feral tho', coz today I found some poor sod's wallet... fair bit in there too. Not enough to break someone, but enough to do me a bit of good.

I went over the thing with a fine-toothed comb, but there was no ID in there, no name, no address, no nothing. So I kept it, bwahahaha.

I feel bad for the other guy, but what can you do? Nothing much except thank [insert whatever Providence watches over the grubby likes of me] for the carelessness of tourists, and try to send the wallet-loser some good vibes. I hope he or she doesn't suffer too much from the loss and that some good fortune comes along to make up for it.

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