Friday, September 24, 2004

Just a quick one...

... Before I fuck off into town.

Jeez, I am shattered. I've got about 99.999999% of my shit together to move, but the nature of the Universe is such that the remaining shit is piled up all over every single flat surface of my current flat and it's having a NEGATIVE IMPACT ON MY FRAGILE PSYCHE. Oh yeah and my foot hurts because I stood on this huge chunk of broken glass that was on the floor, and my head hurts, and my limbs and back hurt from hauling boxes around the place, and I'm just royally pissed off with everything.

Moving on Monday. Cleaning on Tuesday. Doing something obnoxious to someone on Wednesday just to relieve my feelings. Maybe I'll flaming fudge bag an estate agent's house.

Additional: Worked out the other night that this will be my 23rd home. Unless I've missed one, but I think I counted them all.

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