Thursday, September 09, 2004

Cunning Plan.

I haven't told you guys my latest Plan yet, have I? They almost never actually work but I do like seeing them up here in white and black. So, here is my current Plan:

Step 1) Move into new flat.
Step 2) Teach English and get paid for same.
(here I should mention that there's a Step 2b) Make dolls & get paid for dolls ect, but this is a bit complicated because the only really good place to sell my dolls is on teh intarnet and the P&P to send dolls to Foreign Abroad eg America is almost as much as I would make from selling the dolls. I'm working on it.)
Step 3) Use money from Teaching of English to finance Reiki 2 & 3 attunements.
Step 4) Get a massage table
Step 5) Have a Reiki practice.

I like this Plan. It's short and has a massage table in it. Also I can be reasonably sure that at least Step 1 (move into a new flat) will actually happen, which is a 20% improvement on previous Plans. Yay!

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