Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Hunting of the Flat.

Went to check out a new paaaaad yesterday. The location was pretty awesome: right in the Eixample, a stone's throw away from La Sagrada Familia, close to the Tube, all that good stuff. And the rent was pretty sweet too. (Or so we thought! Dar, dar, DAAAAR!) But it turned out to be so titchy, and so poorly laid out (dude, it's a shoebox. Having a second toilet is not a priority.) that even I didn't want to live there. Plus the agency fee would have been a stonking great 10% of the year's rent. (Yeah, you read that right.)

So now I'm going out again to check out this little attic place I found online. Wish me luck.

(Oh, and just on the off-chance: if anyone happens to know of any little tiny flats in BCN, penurious academic + partener, for the use of, drop me a line. Ta.)

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