Friday, September 03, 2004

"But all my friends go to this school!"

We're moving. I'd kind of like to not move until I have a job or summink, but the Uni people don't have a flat for us after the end of the month so there ya go.

We were looking for a place more in the centre, but the rents are pretty heinous. So we're probably going to be stuck out in the sticks, tho' hopefully somewhere a bit less remote than here. (I'm fed up with having to get a train just to go to the video rental place.)

Other than that, bleh. I spent an appreciable amount of time yesterday fixing my jeans, because they're falling apart and I can't afford new ones. It's so beastly to be poor. I keep nagging the spooky perverts to write me a bestseller, but they're not keen.

Sod spirituality, giz the dosh.

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