Sunday, July 21, 2002

I have been asked to take issue with Dan's comments on That Weblog compo:

"Mind you, I'm not sure what the fuss is about. Wil Wheaton's going to win. Wil Wheaton always wins.That's what Wil Wheaton is for.

Honestly, sometimes I have to explain everything."

According to Mandy the Bearded One, this is a blatant attempt to overtake the front runner from behind. It is, and I quote, "cheap, obvious and meretricious." Despite the fact that he only said that after I beat him up and made him say it, it remains an insightful comment on the competition. Dan beats Wil, I beat Dan, ergo the only possible candidate for the prize is moi.

Oh, and I think Mandy the Bearded One is trying to convey his independance and neutrality but since he's bound and gagged under my desk, all I can hear is "Mwararar!" Now, if I ever decide to let you out you can get your own weblog, can't you, darling?

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