Friday, July 19, 2002

Okay, so here's the deal. Obviously a weblog award run by a national newspaper is all dodgy and messed up, right? And we all know this, right? We also know that the Guardian (heretoafter refered to as the Paper in Question or PIQ) has overlooked some totally class weblogs in the past, favouring instead the flashy and derivative (aside from certain notable exeptions, natch). Ergo, anyone who actually wins is basically going to be reviled as a humungous sell-out, their reputation ruined, cut dead in street by their former friends, horsewhipped on the steps of their club, etc etc.

Ergo, the person with the most to gain and the least to lose is me. I have no reputation and few friends; also, I tend to frequent clubs where being horsewhipped on the steps generally costs extra. I am therefore going to make a serious effort to become the Biggest Blogslag Of Them All.

My campaign to blag the blog award, Day 1

The Entry Form.

I filled it in and sent it off. Then I had a nice big glass of squash and a hayfever pill.

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