Saturday, July 13, 2002

Temp Hell

Was reading an article today, an extract from this book, Below the Breadline: Living on the Minimum Wage by Fran Adams. What the author has done, right, is go round Britain, taking minimum-wage jobs for a month. Then she's written about her experiences.

I nearly wet myself laughing. I mean, what the heck? She couldn't just go round the country and talk to folk on the minimum wage, oh no. She has to take a job away from someone who actually needs it, and then write about how hard it all was. Apparently people actually living on the minimum wage-- people who are stuck in rotten jobs working rotten hours in rotten conditions for rotten pay, people who are probably going to have to live in that wretched accommodation on that pittance for the rest of their miserable lives before they finally succumb to the ravages of occupational disease-- apparently they aren't qualified to talk about life on the minimum wage.

I suppose the lower orders lack the neccesary training, or maybe they're not articulate enough. Or perhaps it's just that they're untrustworthy. Yeah. That must be it.

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