Monday, March 03, 2003

The Unstoppable Snot Machine

Huddo. I'b god a cod.

It was sort of okay the first day (Wednesday) because it kicked in about an hour before my last ever shift at the local shop finished, and I was able to go home and collapse and go "Blahh! Collapse! Sick! I win!" The next day was okay too, because No work + oozy viral thang = snuggly duvet action. Until aThursday morning, when I got bored. I missed Reiki. Can you belive I missed my Reiki class because I was too sick? And it was my turn to have a go of Seikim, too *sulks*.

Then I stocked up on Solpadine and Sudafed (over-the-counter speedballs, j0!) and it's been sort of nice. I've been sorting stuff out prepatory to packing it away, and working on a short peice with all aliens and things. Not together enough to do novel in an actual writing type way, but I've dreampt a few crrrrucial and very sexy scences and a large chunk of lingustic stuff. (My novel not only has bumpy mountains but a language. Oh yes.)

I'm fixing the officialy unfixable coat. It's going to work too. I'll tell you the trick of it sometime. (Oh, alright, I just got all my stuff together and sung the "We will fix it" song from Bagpuss. Yes, I did the voice.)

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