Monday, March 31, 2003

Hullo. I'm in London.

Saturday rocked. Loads of cool folks (mostly Barbeloids, but one or two non-imaginary people came too) hit the Princess Louise for bevvy and the sort of conversations you always end up having with that crowd. It was a riot. Hope everyone's vision has returned. Everyone I was begging to come and see me in the PL on Sat.-- I wasn't just drunk, I really, really do want you to come and share in my Spainy good fortune.

This is my last day as a non-living-in-Barca-type chick. Tomorrow, barring anything apocalyptically crappy happening, the Bearded One and myself will be flying out. We should be in the capital of Catalunya before 7:00. I'm still having the mild-to-moderate wiggins, but once actually there the wiggins situation should stabilize.

See ya. (Wouldn't wanna be ya.)

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