Monday, June 14, 2004


Rejected! Rejected AGAIN! Well, not exactly rejected, but timed out on a couple of submissions ("after six weeks assume we've binned yr drivel and submit it elsewhere, loser.") And actually properly rejected by a youth hostel, via email.

This is just so unfair. You know what'll happen if I don't get a job soon? I'll start to smell of cheap biscuits, that's what! The unmistakable aroma of 23p a packet Nice will be foisted upon me by a cruel, uncaring fate.

On the upside, all this has done wonders for my Spanish comprehension. Think I might hit the Goth bars (goth bars goth bars goth bars) next, where my baldy head will attract less opprobrium. Doubt much will come of it; they either want huge scary muscly blokes who can deter trouble, or itty-bitty lil gothettes who can fit into a size ZERO of PVC dresses. I hate getting turned down for jobs on the grounds of insufficient Gothness. It hurts my feelings.

Edit: I worked out the other day that since coming here I must have handed out approximately 400 CVs, not counting other kinds of application like phone calls, emails ect. I have made roughly 50-60 story subs., of which 2 were purchased, netting me a grand total of £30.

Someone just shoot me, okay?

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