Friday, June 04, 2004

More work.

Yes, I am obsessed with jobhunting right now. I am an obsessive person. ("No, rrrreally?" I hear you cry.)

I've put requests for magickal aid in this regard elsewhere, so I may as well throw off all pretence of shame and post one here. This has gone beyond a joke.

I know I should try to free my mind from this one tiny track, because I´m getting into serious Lust For Result(TM) territory. Trouble is, the longer this goes on the harder it is to put it from my thoughts and focus on other projects.

I feel like I'm being poked away from conventional employment, and have been thus poked for some time. Which is all well and good, but whatever is doing the poking (spooky perverts, fate, grotty little corners of my own mind, etc) has neglected to supply any hints as to what I should be doing instead. I feel like I´ve stepped off the cliff and now I'm haning in midair, waiting for my Acme Rocket Pack to kick in... or for the rabbit to hand me an anvil. Not falling; not flying. Just hanging around.

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