Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Had an excellent, and very cheap, weekend. Lurid's work organised a jaunt to Núria; it was heaven. Spent the day rampaging around in the mountains with my digicam (pix here). Came back with strained muscles and a sunburnt head but it was sooo worth it.

Saw loads of Nice Flowers, including gentians. Went ape over gentians because they were so ridiculously, unfiesibly blue. I mean, really blue. Think of a really blue thing, like the bluest blue thing you've ever seen in your life--that's just peanuts compared to gentians. Practically mauve, your blue thing is. Your blue thing is PWNED by GENTIANS. Also saw some marsh-marigolds which cheered me up no end, coz they're going a bit rare back home. And goats. I like goats. And I had a ride on the cable-cars.

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