Friday, June 18, 2004

I give up.

I'm going to make theremins and sell them on eBay. grant b. said I could.

Been thinking of seriously getting into selling stuff on eBay, really stupid stuff, shit nobody would ever want but giving it a backstory that will make people buy it. This is completely amoral, of course, but wotthehell. My only concern is that some lucky bidder might sober up to find ze's the proud posessor of an anomolous haunted fossil made from Pla-Doh and decide to come round and do me an injury. I should just do it. I have a huge wobbly bunch of ideas, and I should just do it.

Hey, look at this torch I saw in Nerdular Nerdance. (Actually I saw it on BoingBoing first but whatever.) They suggest three 2300-millicandela LEDs which might be all right if you had just a little penlight... or one of those keychain torches... and you were a complete and total WIMP. I mean, come on! You could get one of those heeeeeUUUUGE torches, the boxy kind with a handle on the top, and go to town. I bet you could get 150 2300-millicandela LEDs in the reflector of one of those! Aliens would be QUEUEING UP to abduct me if I had a torch with 150+ 2300-millicandela LEDs in the reflector. If I wasn't going to Sitges tomorrow I'd totally be shopping for 2300-millicandela LEDs. However, I feel I have been sadly neglecting my "slouching around on the beach doing fuckall" duties. My people need me.

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