Thursday, June 03, 2004

"Nada para chicas."

That's what I got told yesterday, during my afternoon's temp agency bothering. What the...? What the hell do you mean, "Nothing for girls?" For one thing, I'm not a 'girl' anymore--I'm a grey-haired 30-year-old. For another... Goddammit, I have experience of "male" jobs, like street-sweeping, portering and light repairs. It's on my CV! It's on the form you made me fill in when I signed up! Unless a person's going to be carting iron girders around or something, it doesn't bloody matter. Stupid people. I hate temp agencies.

They stand between me and TOAST. They shall fall. I'm just going to turn up every other day until they give me a job out of sheer desperation.

Frikkin' frakkin' "Nothing for girls" grummble grumbler grrrr.

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