Thursday, January 16, 2003


Finally saw Donnie Darko yesterday. I'm so disappointed. Everyone's been going on about how great it was for months, and I wanted it to suck so I could put on a superiour tone of voice while telling you all how bad it was. Instead, it had to go and be all cool and stylish and moving and good and stuff.

Not sure why people were talking as though it was this huge mind-warping headrush, though. It was good and all, but it wasn't boggle material (unless you're one of these people who found 12 Monkeys incomrehensible because you can't get your tiny rigid brains around the concept of time-travel). It's not that I don't understand the concepts or the ideas. I mean, maybe it's because of all the stuff I experience with the epilepsy,maybe I'm missing something, but I don't seem to get blown away by the things that other people seem to find mind-expanding boggle material.

"Wow! Is-he-isn't-he paranoid scizophrenia! Mindjob!"
"Um, no. Not hugely."
"No, but, he's mad by society's rules but all the stuff he's seeing, yeah, might be real!"
"Yeah. And?"
"No, you see, he's diagnosed with a mental illness but, right, get this, the stuff he's seeing-- it might be true!"
"Yeah. I got that part. Still mindjobless."
"Oh. Okay then. Time travel eh? What a mindjob!"

Gordon Bennett.

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