Sunday, January 05, 2003


I had an okay break, apart from some stuff I don't really want to put on a public blog as it involves other people. Both me and the bloke were sort of viral and blehh so it was fairly quiet, but we did mamage to catch up with some mates. It was nice just slouching around, watching vids or downloading stuff off Kazaa. Watched loads of Tenacious D and I'm now pretty much up-to-date with BtVS 7. And I got a Bagpuss mug and Flash and GIN and loads of cool stuff, so Rah.

Oh, and write? Did I ever. Once I got over a brief bout of writer's block I worked on my novel pretty much every day. I've put a serious dent in the opening chapters, and licked the outline into shape. I also spent some time getting to know my characters, which I hadn't managed to do before; now I know who the story is about, who we're focusing on. I was also kicking around some promising short story ideas with Lurid which I hope to write up soon. I've got a couple of good articles on the boil, one about how revolting you people are and one about the Dow Chemicals press release (which should be finished today). All-in-all, a good festive season.

But now it's over. I've got an eight till six shift on Monday, and part of me is actually hoping for a bout of pneumonia.

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