Thursday, January 09, 2003

Say you want a resolution.

I've been having a bit of a think about what this site is for. Other people's criticsm has never bothered me ("Adolscently angsty and self-indulgently cynical"? Yeah. That's right, fucker. Watchoo gonna do about it? Eh? Eh?) but after the break, I came back and read the last couple of months over and realised that I'm starting to sound like someone I really don't like very much.

When I first started journalling, it was about going Oh, look, I can get a site and write on it every day if I can be bothered. Then it was about venting my permenantly overloaded spleen. Now... I'm not bored, exactly, but a new direction would be good.

It's like this, see: my job sucks. I'm tired. I'm epileptic, asthmatic and half-deaf in one ear. I don't have a degree and I'm fucked off with being treated like a second-class citizen because of it. I'm fucked off with bigots, rightwing dickwads, lazy-arsed wannabe revolutionaries, racists, sexists and all of you shitheads. Actually, I'm fucked off with everything and everyone*.

But see, that doesn't matter. It's small stuff. The world is full of crap, crap like you wouldn't belive, so starting now-- and I mean NOW-- things are gonna change around here. I'm elevating my sights from you itty little fools: the self-satisfied wankers, the smug rich so-and-sos who jude a person's worth by what kind of car they drive, the petty little gits who spend their time fishing around for any nibble of attention they can get. I'll slag you off now and again for old time's sake because everyone needs some light relief, but it's just not that important. My hate is too big for you, too hot and bright and hatey.

Ave atque Vale, tiny fuckbakes. I've got bigger fish to fry.

*Except possibly marmots.

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