Monday, January 06, 2003

Twelfth Night.

First day back at work today. Not too bad. Thought I'd be more bored/anxious/generally cheesed off than I was. I've been sucking up shamelessly to Fotamecus, which might explain why it sucked less than I expected. Everyone else was complaining about how long the day seemed, but I found it was okay. My consciousness has been on a slightly different level than what I think of as "normal" for the last few months, something I only realised recently.

I've abandoned sigils as a way ov moving everything forward, and gone back to affirmations. I write my goals out,like so:

I, Mordant Carnival, will complete and publish a novel

I, Mordant Carnival, will get a job I like

Each affirmation is repeated fifteen times a day. The guy who does Dilbert swears by 'em.

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