Monday, January 20, 2003


Finally finished my piece on the Dow/Union Carbide/Bhopal thang this evening. Y'know that phoney-looking press release that's been doing the rounds? The one you all thought was a hoax? I hate to break this to ya'll, but it's the real deal. It's an actual factual press release from the bowels of Dow and they're proud of it. So I decided that having promised a big ranty thang for a certain webzine and having promised myself a big anti-Dow rantfest, I could kill two birds with one big satisfying stone.

Jesus wept. Remind me to write about stuff that doesn't make me want to kill people in future.

Researching that shit had me wanting to stroll into the Dow head office with many big guns and just blow the living daylights out of as many people as I could before the SWAT team brought me down. Actually, check that-- I'd like to move all these souless fucking breadheads and their spoilt bastard families out into the shanties round Bhopal and see how they like it. See how they like watching their children grow up on a diet of poison. See how they like getting cataracts before they hit forty. See how they like fighting for every breath of polluted air. See how they like watching their grandkids born so deformed they can't even survive. See how they like...

No, sorry, sorry, supposed to be all healy and snuggly and good vibey now. Me goooood little chaoette. Whatever.

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