Tuesday, November 09, 2004

In which the author once again seeks refuge from the horrors of the world.

Relentless self-absorbtion is the fluffy blue blankey which I pull over my head on dark dark days. Joooooiiiin meeeee. It's bliiiiiiiisssss.

Hokayyyy... Got a friend coming to stay for a whole week. Yay friendy goodness! Also, I blew off the Spanish course in favour of a free (Mmmmm, freeee) painting-and-decorating course. Turns out the Catalan govt runs free vocational courses for unemployed and marginally employed mujers such as my good self.

I'm having another stab at the teaching profession after running in to one of my fellow students from the TEFL course, who says she's never even been asked about quals., and I'm trying to build some social links with the other spooky/magicky people in the area. Which is nice.

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