Thursday, November 11, 2004

¿Que significa..?

Spent this morning trying to do this personal evaluation thingy in Catalan. Fuuuun, since I don't speak Catalan and had to keep asking my teacher what all the words meant. And then not knowing what the Castillian translation meant. And feeling like the world's biggest twonk.

I'm doing okay with the course so far. I can't communicate as well as I'd like but I can understand what's being said to me. Tomorrow is the last day of the theory/evaluation/team-building part of the course. On Monday I will actually get to paint stuff. Strangely joyed up about the idea.

I've been punting out emails to language schools in the hopes that someone will overlook my CELTAlessness and take me under their wings. I liked teaching and I think that I could be good at it if I had another go, but my confidence took a big knock over that course. I'm running on a success deficit. I need to do something right soon.

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