Thursday, November 04, 2004

No, seriously, fuck.

I just wish I was surprised, that's all. Sure, there was a tiny corner of my being which clung to the folorn hope that the other douchebag would get in, the douchbag who is at least not commited to cramming every fetid prejudice he harbours into the Constitution and tearing up Roe vs. Wade, but I never really took it seriously.

Don't get me wrong here, though. Unsurprised does not mean unfurious.

What the hell is wrong with you people? Oh, sure, nation after nation can be put to fire and the sword, your jobs can be flushed down the toilet of greed and capitalist profligacy, your sons and daughters can be drafted off to fight and suffer and die in hideous, evil wars--but so long as they don't go getting abortions or doing any of that gay stuff, hey, you're cool!

Jesus Christ, people, you may be strangers to tolerance, mercy or charity but are you also utterly devoid of any sense of self-preservation? This creature you've elected is going to fuck up your country beyond your worst nightmares. America is so fucked right now and it doesn't even know it. It's like a paralysed drug addict, mind swimming with happy happy dreams while Bush and his grinning crew line up to pull a train on its hindquarters.

Fucking moronic Bush-voting dickheads. You'd vote for a nuke in a hat if fucking Fox News told you to. You deserve everything you get.

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