Friday, February 22, 2002

"We Have Such Sights To Show You..."

I need more tattoos (and peircings). I do not have enough tattoos (or peircings)- in fact, I would go so far as to debate the possibility of my ever having enough tattoos (or peircings). Also I want four spherical implants in my left arm and a teardropshaped implant over my sternum, but those would be harder to come by.

My problem is purely financial, you understand. I cannot finance my ideal body. I was thinking of setting up a private site with a paypal account so people could contribute to my tattooedness, but I can't think of anything interesting enough that people would pay to see it, and I'm far too normal looking to make a good cam whore. I wonder if any reputable tattooists would let me take a webcam into their studios? Then I could charge people membership to my site, and when I had enough money they could all tune in and watch me getting some ferociously huge back-peice done. Filming the implants being done would be better yet. When I get my implants done it must and shall be webcast. Not because they will be particularly special, but just because somebody having bits of teflon inserted under their skin isn't something you see every day. Unless you are a professional teflon-bit-inserter, I suppose.

My cheesedoffness continues apace. It's like there's something hugely missing out of my life (to coin a phrase), and it's not a widescreen telly. The really annoying thing is that I know it's up to me to sort it out, and I don't know where to to start. The things that used get me going, get me fired up, they just don't do it anymore- they just seem like the same old thing now. What am I looking for; does it even exist? Who shot JR?

"Why are my desires so cryptic with darkness? And why do I no longer care?"

--Julian Myndfyre

Today's story idea: Woman living in house with daemons- money running out, will soon be evicted, doing nothing to forstall this. Daemons metaphor for lethargy, desair, "switching off".

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