Monday, February 25, 2002

"What if it was all true...?"

This is a bit weird: I may have been involved in pissing off Grant Morrison. According to rumor, he's been posting here under the name "Mr. Insensitive", and apart from some pleasantly cryptic I-know-something-you-don't stuff about the new X-Men comics, he's lived up to it. I breifly entertained the suspicion that he was the total fucktard that recently had to be kicked off the board. Anyhow, he posted some pretty lame stuff, got some pretty frosty responses and has now deserted us.

I wonder if it's true? Sounds like a collossal windup to me, but y'never know. I really hope it's all been a hoax, not coz I'm a total fanboy who can't bear the thought of pissing off the man who gave us King Mob, but because... well, I like his comics, and I'd hate to think he was such a boring bloke in real life. Maybe it was all some out-there psychological experiment. Whatever. Just a little too soon after the whole Total Fucktard Experience for some of us, I suppose.

Today's story ideas:

1. Coat bought in thrift store is actually a primitive alien life-form that functions as a communications device.

2. Goth obsessed w/vampire pop culture becomes one and can't handle it.

3. People who reckon they've been born w/elf or dragon souls ("otherkin") are actually right. They've been put here to learn/teach- someone with a "dark elf" (will refine this to be less D&D-ish) soul becomes goodnatured and compassionate, while someone with a high elf soul can't let go of their old life and becomes more and more elitist and judgemental.

4. God is a memory from a previous stage of our evolution.

5. A meeting of disparate people in a cold room- they all look unhappy.

Today's mood:

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