Sunday, May 19, 2002

"Hey! Who are all you people?"

I have my lasers now. I cannot be stopped.

The new site-tracker I installed last week is yielding some fascinating data. I don't quite understand why someone would do a Google search for fetus in fetu pictures, but if you do, you get my blog- I'm something like tenth on the list. I reckon about half the people who read this thing don't mean to come here at all.

I'm a total deadhead when it comes to interpreting this kind of data, but the rest of them are apparently coming one of two sources (apart from the vast tract of UNKNOWNs, that is.) The weirdest thing is that a lot of the traffic seems to come from other people's blogs. Yes, for some reason people actually link to this thing from their own blogs, which is a bit like wearing a T-Shirt that says "I'm With Horrible!" or "Love me- love my oddly-dressed social retard!"

Not only that, but as far as I can make out there are people who actually have me bookmarked, and come back regularly. WHY? First off, I never say anything even that might even remotely concern the average reader. Second off, I update this thing on a pretty sporadic basis. Lastly, and most importantly, aside from a very very small group of people, I hate all of you. Yes! All of you! Like it says on the sidebar! I do not hate you for your amusement. I do not hate you in a cutesy, kid's telly way. I just hate you.

I hate your petty obsessions, your vacuousity, your deep self-loathing and the smugness that conceals it. I hate your veniality, your homogenity, the way you preach individuality and then ostracize anyone who doesn't listen to the 'right' music or wear the 'right' clothes, I hate the way you whine incessantly about being ostracized because you don't listen to the 'right' music or wear the 'right' clothes, I hate the pathetic bundle of trivia and compromise and prejudice and rationalization that makes up every one of YOU.

Why do you return again and again to wallow in my Hate Of You?

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